Should I Change The Carpet Before I Move In?

Great question. 

It depends on a few things so let’s go over what you need to think about when you’re considering getting new carpets before you move in.

Time Is Of The Essence

 Before you’re about to move in is a good time to change the carpets. 


Because the old home owners have moved out and the house is bare of any heavy furniture such as lounge suites and bedroom furniture before you move yours in. Normally everything  has to be shifted out and around when laying new carpet so this makes things a lot quicker and easier for everyone. 

You might want to do specific rooms first or tackle the job all at once before you settle in and that way it really will feel like you’re moving into a brand new home.


What Carpets Go Best Where?

There’s a few things to consider when choosing carpets:

  • Does the room get high usage or low usage?

  • What rooms get more sun and light versus darker rooms that don’t get much sun at all?

  • What is each room used for?

Rule of thumb is areas like hallways and lounges have a higher traffic volume and therefore will need new carpets either more often or carpets that are more durable versus carpet in lower traffic areas like the bedroom.  

You could have a lovely luxurious 100% wool carpet for your new bedroom that feels unbelievable on your feet or a blended carpet for the lounge that gets a whole lot more use from everyone and will stand the test of time longer. 

If you don’t know the best carpets for your rooms either 100% wool, a wool blend or dyed nylon carpets, ask the experts. 

They’ll be able to take into consideration the amount of light in the rooms and usage for example, and that way you’ll know which carpets are the best when it comes to fade resistance and durability.

New Zealand makes some of the most premium carpets around for the kiwi lifestyle so there really is something to suit everyone and every lifestyle.

Is It A Garage or an Extra Room?

Garage’s have to be a kiwi’s favourite room for all the right reasons.  We store things there, we entertain there and if it’s very lucky; the car gets to park there overnight.

Before you move into your new home, think about your garage as the ultimate extra room. Garage carpet suits all occasions whether it’s sharing a few drinks with the boys after a long week or maybe an extra room for the relations to stay when they’re up or down your way.

It’s a clever way to make use of every space in your home so consider picking a garage carpet to take on the tough and fun jobs before or after you move in. 

There’s a few things to consider when thinking about getting new carpet in your new home.  Take the time before the professional moving company you chose using Wise Move; the smarter way to book your moving company, arrives because any changes you make now will be quicker and easier before you’ve shifted everyone and everything in.  Just like you ask the experts to provide the right carpets, Wise Move are the experts to give you the best option with just one request made online for all your house moving needs.  Now that’s smart.