Solution Dyed Nylon CARPETS

What is Solution Dyed Nylon?

Solution dyed nylon is a man made polymer where the colour is trapped inside the fibre. This ensures that the carpets colour doesn’t fade over time. Unlike the nylon fishing line, solution dyed nylon has a soft feel to it as different technology is used to produce the carpet. 

Does a Solution Dyed Nylon carpet colour fade away?

The colour of solution dyed nylon carpet will not fade over time as the dye is deeply embedded in the fibre itself. These carpets remain the same colour for at least 15 years!

Is Solution Dyed Nylon carpet pet friendly?

Generally solution dyed nylon carpets are either cut pile or cut pile twists, which have an upright finish with a formal look. These piles ensure that pets can not claw their way through a yarn loop, as they would in a loop pile carpet. 

Is Solution Dyed Nylon carpets kid friendly?

All solution dyed carpets are stain resistant, as the nylon polymer is known for smooth texture, waterproof qualities and ability to withstand damage from mold. This makes it perfect for families with young children as spillage can be cleaned up with ease. So even if there is a spill, cleaning it will not be a hassle and not leave stains or permanent damage to the carpet.

Here are some tips for carpet stain removal.


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wool carpets

What is Wool?

Wool is a natural fibre which is obtained from sheeps and used in a variety of warm clothing. As it is a natural, it is an anti allergenic and an inherent fire retardant fibre.

Does Wool carpet colour fade away?

Unlike solution dyed nylon carpets, wools don’t have colour deeply embedded in the fibre therefore it fades over time. The best way to prolong the wool carpet colour is by having window protection, such as tinting, curtains or blinds, for areas where there is direct sunlight for a long period of time

Is Wool carpet pet friendly?

Some wool carpets are pet friendly, as it can be either a cut pile or cut pile twist but generally wool carpets are loop piles. The loop pile is a traditional pile, which is dependable and durable but due to the shape of the pile a pets claw can get stuck in the carpet. This can cause unwanted permanent damage. 

 Here are some cut pile wool carpets:

Is Wool carpet kid friendly?

The wool fibre is a unique fibre, as the structure contains overlapping scales similar to roof shingles. These scales make the carpet soil and stain resistant, as it is easier to clean it. On top of that wool carpet is a fire retardant due its high protein content. If ignited the wool will limit the spread of the fire. Making wool carpet a great choice for families with kids.





What is underlay?

Underlay is a thin layer of cushioning which is used to reduce damage to the carpet and provide insulation . Having underlay also provides more foot comfort, giving the carpet a more luxurious and soft feel.

Which thickness of underlay should I use?

The most common thickness of underlay is 10mm and 11mm. Choosing underlay is tricky as it has to be adept to your house because if the carpet and underlay are too thick the doors of the house may not function properly. This can damage the carpet, so it is best to go with the flooring consultants advice!

10mm Underlay
11mm Underlay