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5 Things you should know before you buy carpet !

Choosing right Carpet for your home is a tedious process specially for first home buyers.

In order to shop smart you must take account of some aspects.

Lets make this process a bit easier for you !

1.Carpet Styles & Piles

In Carpet Industry Word “PILE ” refers to yarn that carpet is made of and this defines the style of the carpet.Cut pile (shreaded) or Loop pile (left intact) are the ones which gives a visual texture and also feel of the carpet.Always borrow the samples from the showroom and keep them in your home.Carpet piles have different texture depending on its height,push,material and the manner of weaving.Deeper pile offer a luxurios texture.Short pies are way easy to maintain and care for.

 2. Colors

Aesthetically choose a cerpet that suit your color scheme of rooms, choose the colours that alter mood with different functions.For office use blue and greens to stimulate mind and gives a sence of calm for increased productivity.Take note as some carpets fade over time and may effect colour and design.

 3. Maintenance

Go for moderate cut pile neither very long nor very short like : Feltex Dream Shadow or Feltex Okiwi Bay 55oz easy to maintain and a luxurious feel as well. Go for a vacuum cleaner with higher suction.

 4. Underlay

Go for an underlay that suits your carpet style and gives you good insulation.

 5. Installation

Installation is crucial and craftsmanship is important. Carpet should be power stretched and therefore go for professionals who can deliver the task in the best possible way. Giving it a neat and edgy look.

CONCLUSION: When you see a person the first thing which draws your attention is Shoe similarly when you enter a home or office, you not only look but feel also the floor first of all. Therefore make an informed decision. Carpet buying is an investment decision that will affect you both physically and emotionally.



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