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Its time to restyle your floors, catch up with latest trends and add more charm to your home sweet home !

Flooring enhance and creates a awe in your space ,which needs to be acknowleged by regular upgrades and maintenance.

Yes we are overwhelmed by choices ,not realising the visual effects of the floor type ,sync in style and cope-up with all the traffic of the users.

The reality is it is easier than you think !

As WE ARE HERE TO HELP !, find latest trends and prepare your space for new style in 2020.

Its a nightmare to spend all your savings on a new floor,only to have it go out of style/trend in less than 5 years. So here are some latest trends :


Smooth floors remain classic ,current design trends are all about texture.

You may add a character to your home with current handscraped,wirebrushed or distressed wood floor.

Image result for polyflor expona domestic

Image result for polyflor expona domestic



Vinyl Flooring is the most rapidly expanding option in Flooring Market.

Waterproof vinyl (WPC) and new rigid core luxury vinyl flooring (SPC) are the latest trends along with luxury vinyl planks and tiles.

Image result for polyflor expona domesticImage result for polyflor expona domestic


Natural or green living has made a huge impact on Interior design.Natural materials like bamboo, cork ,engineered wood ,corn now we have environment friendly options to choose from.

Image result for feltex triexta carpet

Feltex put the ‘green’ in feltexgreen™

Manufactured using 37% DuPont™ Sorona® renewably sourced™ polymer sourced from natural corn sugar.

Greenhouse emissions from the production of Sorona® is 63% lower than the production of nylon 6 (CISO standard 14040)*.

Backing used on feltexgreen™ is Flexiback® made from 80% recycled content.

Any unused corn in the manufacture of Sorona® is used a agricultural feedstock.

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